Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's the little things

So this past week was a challenging one.  Nothing major, but at the same time, all those little things piled right up to make it one heck of a week.

For starters, at the end of last weekend my dryer broke.  Um, let's see - a familiy with five people (four of whom are "adult" sized) makes for a considerable sum of laundry.  Truly inconvenient and such a drag.  I had no time to deal with it during the week (see paragraph below) so I headed into this weekend not knowing where I'd land.  The not knowing caused a certain amount of angst, but I'm happy to report that $180.00 later, the laundry is back in action.

It must have been appliance crap-out week because my rice cooker broke, too.  Maybe that doesn't seem to be altogether such a big deal, but one of my kids has to eat gluten free, which means rice is a staple.  And, with my schedule, who has time sit by and "watch" the rice cook?  Damn.

Then, work had it's own set of challenges.  There were some management changes recently which has resulted in quite an upset in my work life.  Add to that, one of my new team's first project reviews in front of executives and then the subsequent grueling planning sessions.  Top it off with the fact that my manager, who I love to pieces because she listens to me whine, is out on vacation.   Anxiety abounding, no clear direction and only further chaos in sight.  Change is challenging.

My pool game happens to be in a slump.  This translates into my night out with the girls for some fun, drinking and relaxation has turned into pure torment.  Failing to execute consistently, especially when the pressure is on does not make for a good time.

And, speaking of drinking, hubby and I decided to give up all alcohol for a month, until Thanksgiving.  It's not that alcohol is a problem, but it just seemed like it'd be good to take a conscious break prior to the holiday season hitting in full force.  So, my "one night out whether I need it or not" now consists of playing shitty pool and not even having a drink while at a bar.

I think I need to re-think things a bit.  Maybe my work-related trip to NYC this week sans hubby and children will help me center myself and come back a new and improved person.  Let's hope anyway.
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