Friday, February 28, 2014

the past eight months

I've been missing this space.  I miss the community.  I miss the therapeutic nature of writing.  I miss deep thoughts (and stupid ones too).  I can't say my absence isn't without cause.  It's actually been deliberate.

When I started at Twitter, I was unprepared that my personal Twitter account was going to be connected to the company, my employer.  It didn't have to be.  I could've setup a separate account, but it all just happened so quickly.  I didn't think it through.  I've since removed the blog URL from my profile and have been playing a waiting game.  Hopefully enough time has passed (and that Google Reader ceased to exist) so any co-workers that might have been paying attention aren't any longer.   Regardless, I want to play catch-up.

My last post was Sammy's graduation in June.  Crazy.  And since then there have been a lot of good times.

I've made new friends to golf with.

Co-workers who love beer share the joy.

Shared many drinks with friends.

Those who need not be named.

Met some famous people.

Commander Hadfield and my dear friend Lucy

Jean Luc Picard, I mean, Patrick Stewart

Thanksgiving was fun.  The family went to Disney World to meet up with my sis and hers.  Did you know that I love Disney?  I'm kinda a freak about it actually.

Here I am imitating Donald Duck, my favorite character.

Quack Quack!

We actually got to enjoy a nice meal, too.

Teppan Edo in Epcot. 

And it wouldn't be vacation without a little golf (who's on the hat?).

Me and my sis!

I went to a great Christmas party in the City.

San Francisco City Hall in Twitter Blue

And played a little golf around the holidays too (thank you California!)


Finally, I wrapped up the year's end with someone special at a Sharks game.

Birthday boy.

After taking several months off from league, I went back to playing some pool.

And started a new tradition.

"Lasagna at Cathy's" 

Of course there've been more drinks with friends.

Friends forever. 

And someone celebrated his 10th earlier this month!

Why yes, he does love Minecraft.

And there it is, the last eight months in review.  Hope to be around here more often.