Friday, November 26, 2010

Tell Me More

My blog has been neglected.  I've been busy and my mind is too muddled right now.  But, in the spirit of getting back to normalcy, Kristen provided a fun little mindless exercise. 

Where do you live: Just outside of San Francisco - a nice little suburb that has a distinct country feel.
Favorite art: Monet, Van Gogh, Ansel Adams
Pets: Two cats, Tucker and Jade
Favorite neighborhood restaurant: Gaudalajara Grill - can't get enough Mexican food
Favorite cocktail: Belvedere Cosmopolitans, GOOD tequila, Bud Light
Who inspires you: My boss
Necessary extravagance: Bi-weekly cleaning service
Favorite place in the world: Lake Tahoe in the winter

Designer: None, sad but true.
Jeans: Old Navy Sweethearts or Jag
Underwear: Victoria's Secret
Sneakers: Brooks for running, otherwise my Vans
Watch: My soon-to-be-fixed Seiko, til then my phone
T-shirt: Anything reminding me of a place I've visited (I like to "collect" t-shirts as momentos).
Day bag: An old Kate Spade
Evening bag: A couple different ones, always black
Favorite city to shop: I hate shopping so I mostly do it online or at a mall.

Lipstick: None.
Mascara: Sephora, black (if I wear any)
Shampoo: Redken All Soft, or Finese, or whatever
Moisturizer: Something Nutrageena
Perfume: Never, not ever
Toothpaste: Colgate
Soap: Dial
Nail-polish color: Opal Pink Champagne for my finger.  Anything bright red for my toes.  But I haven't polished either in years.
Who cuts your hair: Jeanne
Who colors your hair: No one, never.

What would you say?
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