Tuesday, March 27, 2012

all grow'd up

Okay - maybe not all grow'd up but seriously, look at this picture and you tell me.

Here is my oldest all dolled up ready to go to his junior prom.  Together with his hot girlfriend.  How can this be?  How has time gone by so quickly?

Honestly it doesn't feel like it went by quickly.  It doesn't "feel" either way.  But if I sit back and think of all the things that have happened in my life since he was born, I question if it hasn't been forever.

Things in my life since his birth:

  • Moved cross-country twice (moved three times in total but once was before he was born).
  • Lived in six different houses.
  • Had two other children (one of whom almost died).
  • Got my first grey hair.
  • Held eight different jobs.
  • Had four different careers.
  • Competed in pool tournaments on regional, state and national levels.
  • Learned how to golf (not well I might add).
  • Owned seven different vehicles.
  • Managed dealing with 12 consecutive years in the same elementary school (three more to go).
  • Survived teaching one son to drive (so far).
  • Buried my mother, grandmother and uncle.
  • Left my husband, reconciled and then have been left by my husband.
Like I said, maybe feels like forever.  And I'm not old!  Really, I am not.  Unless, of course, you ask my teenager.

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