Monday, June 7, 2010

Kids Are Expensive

This evening was a pleasant one. Dinner was light and early. Everyone surprisingly was in a good mood. The boys were actually playing together nicely!

After pulling three dead mice and two live ones out of the pool (we suspect our cat has found a nest and is enjoying the torture), we decided to play a little wiffle ball. Round and round we rotated the pitches and at bats. Stealing bases, running around. Good times. Nothing but smiles.

Until Sam lost his balance and fell in the pool. With his phone and iPod Touch in his pocket.

He wasn't doing anything wrong. He simply was enjoying playing with all of us (a rare thing now that he's in high school and all) and didn't realize his foot was too close to the edge of the pool. Total accident. He bought the phone (because he lost his last one and I wouldn't buy another). He got the iPod for his 8th grade graduation.

My only silver lining in this story is that he feels as bad as I do. I'm gonna take that as a sign of maturity. Poor guy.
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