Saturday, September 25, 2010

This Sunday I Run

Sunday I am doing the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in San Francisco. I signed up for the 5K timed run. I'm a little worried now because I haven't been running due to a nagging knee issue. But still, I'll run.

I run for my best college friend, diagnosed at 31. Wife and mother of one. A survivor. Now a mother of two.

I run for my husband's best friend's mother. The mother of three boys. A second mother to my husband and me. A second grandmother to my children.

I run for my former nanny's mother, taken from her when she was only 21. Never to be known by any future husband or grandchildren. Never to have her grandchildren know her.

I run for my neighbor taken in the prime of her life, a few mere years older than myself. The mother of three boys. A fellow parent at my sons' schools. A fellow parent on the soccer and baseball fields.

I run for my friend and co-worker. Again, another so close in age. Only a year or two separate us. A survivor. Go Team Shimamura!

This Sunday I run for a cure.
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