Friday, February 11, 2011

the experiment

I could title this post many different ways:
  • the challenge
  • the addict
  • going to rehab
I'm sure I can think of more given the time.  But I will leave it at "the experiment" because that is how I'm choosing to look at what I've just embarked on. 

For me it's pretty significant.  I'm giving up my crack.  You read that right, I'm going on the wagon.  The wagon of no TV. 

Some may think it's silly.  Some may think I'm insane.  Some of you may even think "what's the big deal?"  But believe me when I tell you, it IS a big deal.

What, might you ask, caused me to do such a thing?  It wasn't one single thing.  It started with me wishing for more time to read and write.  I wanted to participate in Jana's Maladjusted Book Club but wasn't finding the time to read.  I also wanted to find more time to write.  I am enjoying this blogging thing and I've got a list of topics that seems to be getting longer and longer. 

I also was inspired with Christine's post on Twitter Detox.  She was challenged by Jen Lemen's question: "What would happen if we actually stepped away from things that help us zone out?"   That question gave me pause.  I'm no Twitter junkie, but I certainly love my TV shows and I love them simply because they allow me to zone out.  For me nothing is better to end the day than a clean kitchen and an episode or two allowing me to become absorbed and forget the hassles of the day.

On top of all this, my husband started complaining about how "all I ever do is watch TV."   Well, I'm sure he meant that's all I do when I'm not at work, not making dinner, not shuffling the kids here or there, not doing the laundry or meal planning or grocery shopping either.  But okay, fair enough.  The TV is my primary choice of activity in the evening.  There is no question that I am the ruler of the roost when it comes to channel watching.  There is no question that is what I do, it's what I need.

But the real tipping point was Comcast.  We used to have Comcast several years ago.  Their business practices drove me to DirecTV.  I never would have gone back to Comcast if it hadn't been for the internet thing.   Back in December we lost our DSL service and we have no choice but to go with Comcast.  Financially it made sense to get a package deal with them for both internet and cable.  But Comcast is terrible.  It took them a dozen phone calls and four or five house calls to get everything setup correctly.  I heard a radio spot for Comcast that announced a 30-day money back guarantee and I seized the moment. 

The very next day I made the call.  Comcast is gone.  Well, except for the broadband.  It's been four days and three nights.  I know.  I am painfully aware.  So far I haven't read more and I certainly haven't written more.  But I've slept more, no longer having the lure of escape and being enveloped in dramas and mysteries and other people's lives.  And I've noticed the house is quiet, peacefully quiet.  And I've noticed that the kids don't seem to miss it at all.  Weird, huh?

I call it an experiment because there's nothing that says I can't call DirecTV and get them back.  I might.  But for now I'm going to try and live in the quiet.
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