Friday, February 18, 2011

Update: "the experiment", part deux

Recently I gave up TV and I am calling it an experiment.  There's nothing that says I have to remove TV from my life permanently and I'm eager to see what changes, if any, happen around the house.

It feels like ages ago but the reality is that it's been less than two weeks.  The fact that I cite this should say something.  I'm still craving my nightly fix and it's pretty strong.  It's not all doom and gloom though.  In the past week I've:

Bonus 1:  Learned how to play Stratego with my 12 year old and spent an evening beating him.  Sadly, in the world with TV, this almost never would have happened on a school night. 

Bonus 2:  Did Star Wars Mad Libs with the 7 year old and was reminded how all things bathroom and body part humor are the forefront of kids this age.  That and Star Wars.  He read it to his older brothers, his father, and himself repeatedly.  Nothing like a little humor in your life.

Bonus 3:  Started reading You're Not the Boss of Me:  Brat-proofing Your Four- to Twelve- Year Old Child.  It's a pretty good read so far but I haven't made nearly the progress I'd like because...

Bonus 4:  Gotten lots more sleep.  Sorry but it's just plain boring most nights - might as well get some sleep!

Bonus 5:  Engaged in a long, relaxed conversation with my teen (a rarity these days).  I learned lots of stuff. 
  • Poke wars via Facebook and the cell are all the rage, and in progress practically 24x7.  
  • Sex education this year had an interesting effect - apparently even condoms are no guarantee to protect you from disease and it's totally grossed him out.  
  • He had a math test this past week - important to know because he's not doing so well in math.  His poor math performance, I learned, is because he's struggling with the abstract concepts this year has introduced.  Every math class to this point has been very tangible and easy for him.  Interesting because that was my same experience.
  • We also talked about drinking and driving - an important subject given he's making progress towards his learner's permit.  I was able to reinforce how necessary it is to call me for a ride if he's been drinking.  We went back and forth on this topic with him insisting that I'd be so mad and he'd be in so much trouble.  I hope I successfully reassured him that it's still the best (and only) option when he's been drinking.  And the consequences, minor compared with a DUI, loss of license or, of course, much worse.
Bonus 6:  Been reminded by the teen about our talk.  This seems to indicate that I made a good impression.   I think he really enjoyed the time with me.  And that is precious, especially at a time when he's growing apart more and  more every day.

Bonus 7:  Watched the very first episode of Mad Men with hubby.  Someone in his office gave him the first season on DVD and I'm hoping to catch up on this show because I've heard nothing but rave reviews.  I'm anxious to see more, but I'll have to keep my desire for the crack under control. 

It seems that no TV has had some perks.  I'll be curious to see my list after a month. 
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