Tuesday, May 24, 2011

a random post

I'm doing a "random thoughts" post because I haven't been inspired to do much more.  Life is getting in the way, in a good way.

Change is the word of the month for me.  I left my old job and am onto a new one with no time off in between.  I had no major problems with the last gig.  The people were great fun to work with but the position itself left me feeling a bit under-utilized.  I wasn't looking but when something good falls in your lap, sometimes you need to seize the moment and I did.  It gives me a bump in pay which is always welcome.  More importantly though, it's setting me up to launch my career more fully.  I've always felt that I've never reached for (hence never achieved) my full potential as a working woman.  I've struggled with being a working mother and yet not the primary breadwinner.  The kids always came first and so I've been hesitant to put myself out there.  It's time for that to change. 

Another bonus to this new gig is that shortly it'll be a work from home job.  This prospect both delights and scares me.  I am a social person and not having friends at the office to mix and mingle with is something I hope I can manage.  On the other hand, the money I'll save and the headaches I'll be spared caused by flaky babysitters is almost priceless.  For now though, I'm commuting quite a bit and haven't been around these parts lately.

Feeling content.  My last message was about my visit.  I continue to experience a strong sense of comfort and peace from this dream and I'm just going to roll with it.  Since then I've had numerous instances of feeling my mother's presence.  Maybe it's just my frame of mind but I don't care.  I am finally experiencing some peace.


Being present.  I haven't been around these parts much because I've been present in my life.  It's been busy and I have to make my priorities right.  I miss reading everyone regularly but I'm not done and I'm not gone forever.  I just need to ride out this busy time in my life.  End of school, commuting to a new job, end of team social activities - all multiplied by three - it simply eats up a lot of time.


Playing pool.  I also wasn't around last week.  I was in Vegas.  I was playing pool with my team.  We finished first in our league and went to play in the national pool tourney.  We usually finish in the money every year but this year was different.  It was much, much better.  Out of a field of 126 teams, we finished tied 9-12th place.   That's my best team finish ever and I can't wait for next year.


Anniversary.  I realized somewhat belatedly that I just passed my one year blog anniversary.  I am surprised that I didn't make a big deal about it.  I've paid a lot of attention to this site even if it is not obvious to those who read.  I check my stats.  I read up on how to attract new readers.  I try to write.  The fact that the anniversary passed and I didn't make a big deal about it just means that I am pretty content to be where I am.  I'll write when I have something I feel like saying.  After all, this is why I called it "All I Want To Say" and I am being true to my word.

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I hope you check out a few older posts.  Let me know if I'm improving at all.  Or not.

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