Wednesday, June 29, 2011

trust - the lighter side

A few days ago I wrote about trust in a very serious way. Today is trust, the lighter side.

I trust as soon as the floor is mopped one of my kids will spill something sugary sticky on it.
I trust as soon as I finish that last load of laundry the dirty clothes baskets will be full.
I trust as soon as I figure out a parenting method, my kids will change on me and render said method obsolete and ineffective.
I trust that if I go out for "just one drink", I'll always have too many!
I trust there to always be another roll of TP under the cabinet.
I trust in jinxing myself.
I trust I must look at the toilet seat to 1.) ensure that it's down and 2.) doesn't have pee all over the seat before I sit.
I trust as soon as I put on the sprinklers, water the garden or wash my car, it will rain.
I trust I will always forget one thing at the grocery store, even if it's on my list.

So how about it? What's the lighter side of your trust?
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