Sunday, June 26, 2011

what do you trust?

Lindsey has made this her year of trust. Until recently I haven't thought too deeply although her last guest post by Pam on how to navigate a life resonated with me. It made me recall so vividly the intense emotions following my mother's death. I realize those are lot of links, but they sure are worth the read.

I started thinking about trust. What do I trust?

I trust the sun will rise tomorrow.
I trust there will be events that shake your core.
I trust life will go on, whether you want it to or not.
I trust I am being the best wife and mother I can be, even with my failures.
I trust I will make mistakes.
I trust everyone makes mistakes.
I trust there will be love and loss.

In the end, all will work out as it was meant to be. There is so much we try to attain yet it is difficult to realize how much is out of our control. In this we must trust. We must trust that we will rise to see another day. We must trust that it is not without value to try, and try our best.

But what do you do when your trust is broken?
Do you really believe that things are out of your control?
How do you recover when your trust is shattered?
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