Friday, April 27, 2012

Five for Five: Listening

Did you listen to me?
Did you listen to what I had to say?
Or did you go about your life
In your own selfish sort of way?

How could I be just some background noise
So easily dismissed, easily ignored?
Was listening to what I have to say
Only going to make you bored?

Was it really so hard
To care what I'd say?
Why, oh why
Did you treat me this way?

I was so lonely here and
That's not how it was meant to be.
Hearing just isn't the same as
You listening to me.

I gave so much of myself,
As much as I could.
All in support of us,
I thought I was doing good.

Together we were supposed to stand
The ultimate test of time.
But you wouldn't take the time to listen
And therein lies the crime.

You want to sail away on a boat
Play some poker, put a ball on a tee.
So we've met with the lawyers,
And divided our property.

To hell with the marriage.
To hell with the kids.
But breaking our boys' hearts,
That I cannot forgive.

Today we are divided
Only to fade away.
If only you had listened,
There might have been another way.

But you couldn't listen.
I don't think you know how.
I am alone with my blog
At least some people are listening now.
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