Monday, April 23, 2012

Five for Five: Change

Brother, can you spare a dime?
I am weak to drink.
Voices keep shouting in my head.
A cup of coffee, a loaf of bread.
Whatever you can spare.
Can you help me out?
No? God bless you.
We're just trying to get by. 
Thank you brother.  Thank you.

Sister, can you spare a nickel?
Been beaten and beaten down.
And I need to protect my baby.
The street is hard and the nights are cold.
Anything really.  Anything for a room.
I need to buy me and my kid some food.
No? No worries.  God bless you.
We're just trying to get by.  
Thank you sister.  Thank you.

People can you spare some change?
I used to play with the best but been down on my luck.
Lost my gig and got bills to pay.
Life's been hard but I will play you a tune.
What do you fancy? 
A sweet song, a blue melody.
Brother, sister, can you spare some change?
No? God bless you.
Maybe next time. 

This post is inspired by Momalom's Five for Five.  Todays' topic:  Change.  Come link up!

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