Wednesday, April 6, 2011

random questions

At any given moment, I seem to be questioning so much.  Maybe if I can get some answers, it'll be easier for me to sleep

  • How many months need to pass without a visit to the gym before I admit to myself that I'll never get there and all I'm doing is wasting my money?
  • When was my last period?  Six weeks ago? Longer?  At what point do I call the doctor?
  • Is my teenager having sex?  Smoking weed?
  • Is my middle boy starting to go through puberty yet?
  • Is my teenager ever going to get his grades good so he can get into a college?  If he does, how will I afford it?
  • Should I try to find (yet another) new babysitter or just suck it up and deal with everything myself?
  • Why don't more people comment on my blog?  Why do I care?  Why do I write?  Can you even call it "writing"?  
  • Am I too depressing and negative?
  • How many hoops do I have to go through to get my IRA rolled into my 401(k)?
  • How can I get what I need while giving what my husband, children and job need?
  • Do I like playing pool still?  Should I quit the more competitive team and join one just for fun?  Would I find that fun?
  • When could I learn yoga?  When could I learn meditation?  Would it just cause me more stress to try and fit those in to my already too busy schedule?
  • If I love golf so much, why don't I make more time for it?  Same question, only for pool?
  • Am I ever going to learn to play that bass guitar I got for my birthday two years ago?
  • Why am I so critical of myself, and of others?  Why do I have such high standards?
  • Is it wrong to like TV?
So how about some answers?
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