Tuesday, July 19, 2011

i was in the picture mood

I snapped off a few photos this weekend with my trusty iPhone - photos of things that I like and make me happy.

First up:
I mean really, who cannot melt at the sight of this?  A little note for no apparent reason, except of course to tell me he loves me.

This is the fog coming over the hills, darkening the sky and bringing in a chill.  Some folks might not like that, but I love the wind whipping and seeing the mist materialize before my eyes bringing sweet relief on warm summer days.

And then the fruit from our plum tree this year!  Holy cow that's a lot of plums.  Help?

A little preparation for my annual backpacking trip with the boy scouts.  Always be prepared which means set the tent up once before you go!

And last, a little bit of creativity from the 7yo.  Introducing "The Shield Generator".

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